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The “Tongyi Qianwen” broad language model from Alibaba Group is now available and will be integrated into all of the company’s business divisions. Customers will have access to this multilingual model, who is fluent in both Chinese and English, and it will be included in DingTalk, Alibaba’s enterprise communication platform.

The capacity to automatically compose emails, summarise meeting notes, and create drafts of business proposals using easy prompts are just a few of the notable capabilities. It is constructed using the “Tongyi” framework, an exclusive creation of Alibaba that combines various AI models. Additionally, the model will improve the conversational capabilities of Alibaba’s smart speaker, Tmall Genie, giving customers improved interactions, including recommending diet plans centred on health, workout soundtracks, and trip suggestions.

 User objects:

– Business professionals

– Marketers

– Content creators

– Administrative assistants

– Enterprise communication users (DingTalk users)

– Smart speaker (Tmall Genie) users

– Travel enthusiasts

– Fitness and health enthusiasts

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