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A sizable dataset created by IBM for Project CodeNet is intended to teach AI how to code. It is a comprehensive tool with over 14 million code examples covering over 55 programming languages, including both contemporary ones like Python and historical ones like COBOL.

Researchers intended CodeNet to serve as the AI for the Code movement’s trigger, similar to how ImageNet changed the landscape of computer vision. With its enormous image dataset, ImageNet has considerably advanced computer vision research. In a similar vein, Project CodeNet intends to revolutionise AI’s capacity to comprehend and generate code, establishing it as a key dataset in the field of AI-driven coding solutions with its various code samples aimed at 4,000 coding difficulties.

User objects:

– AI researchers

– Software developers

– Machine learning engineers

– Academic researchers

– Data scientists

– Compiler developers

– Programming language enthusiasts

– Code quality analysts

– Algorithm designers

– Educators in computer science.


Francesco Chiaramonte

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