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Kuki, also known as Mitsuku, is a renowned conversational artificial intelligence chatbot created by ICONIQ. It holds the record for the most triumphs in the Loebner Prize, a prestigious Turing Test competition, with five victories. In contrast to some contemporary AI models such as GPT-3, Kuki’s responses are either written by humans or reviewed by humans, ensuring personality consistency and preventing potentially biassed or poisonous outputs. Kuki, the most popular English-speaking social chatbot in the world, has exchanged over a billion communications with approximately 25 million users across platforms. The chatbot’s engagement is significantly higher than its competitors, including Microsoft’s XiaoIce, with an average of 64 conversation-turns per session. Kuki, unlike many of his AI counterparts, does not employ GPT-3 technology.

Kuki’s high engagement rates and extended conversations appeal to researchers, academics, enthusiasts, educators, developers, AI companies, entertainment platforms, general public, and businesses seeking benchmarks and reference points in chatbot development.

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