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Users can immediately access OpenAI’s ChatGPT over WhatsApp thanks to the “WhatsApp ChatGPT Bot”. Users must use the Golang library to run WhatsApp from a certain phone number in order to set this up. Additionally, ChatGPT management will require a separate browser window. Run “go run main.go” and “python” in different terminals as part of the implementation process. However, there is a possibility that the commands won’t function flawlessly on the first try, so users should be ready for some snags. In essence, this technology connects WhatsApp and ChatGPT, providing a special means to communicate with the AI model.

User objects:

– Developers

– Tech-savvy individuals

– Chatbot enthusiasts

– WhatsApp users looking for AI interactions

– Research and development professionals

>>> Please use: ChatGPT Free – Version from OpenAI



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