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Microsoft Asia’s AI researchers created the sophisticated AI chatbot Xiaoice, which is currently evolving into a stand-alone business. This AI chatbot was developed in 2014 and built using Microsoft’s emotional computing platform.

The phrase “AI Being,” which refers to artificial intelligence (AI)-created digital beings, was coined by the Xiaoice team in 2019. These things are capable of comprehending and engaging in human dialogue. The “AI Being” technology from Xiaoice has a variety of uses, including powering the well-known virtual singer “Luo Tianyi” and helping Sequoia Capital China with their virtual analyst “Hóng”.

User objects:

– Fans of virtual personalities

– Businesses looking for digital employees

– Music enthusiasts and producers 

– Investment and financial analysts 

– AI researchers and developers 

– Digital content creators 

– Customer support sectors 

– Entertainment industry professionals.

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