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The GPT-3 Satoshi artificial intelligence was developed using all of Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin. This artificial intelligence contains 376 kilobytes of text, which includes Satoshi’s whitepaper, online postings, emails, and Bitcointalk contributions. GPT-3 Satoshi provides information consistent with Nakamoto’s viewpoints when questioned. Bitcoin is a decentralised electronic currency system designed to prevent inflation and double spending. The model parallels how Bitcoin miners operate to the Byzantine Generals’ Problem, in which parties must reach an agreement without mutual trust. Bitcoin seeks to become a universal, low-cost digital currency, according to this AI’s interpretation of Satoshi’s ideas. It also emphasises Satoshi’s desire for Bitcoin to be immune to arbitrary inflation and to adhere to libertarian principles. According to what has been said, Bitcoin’s future has the potential to change how people perceive money.

Engaging with an AI trained on Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings can benefit crypto enthusiasts, researchers, journalists, developers, investors, curious individuals, and educators seeking to understand Bitcoin’s origins, philosophy, and future.

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