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The GPT-3 Facebook Messenger Bot connects OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Facebook Messenger, allowing users to communicate with the GPT-3 model through Messenger’s well-known interface. When updates are pushed to the main branch of the tool, which is hosted on a Heroku server, continuous integration and delivery are used to rebuild the tool. Requests for administrative access to the associated Facebook Developer Application should be sent to Flynn at [email protected] in order to use. The functionality of the bot is limited to straightforward text exchanges; images, links, and other multimedia attachments are not currently supported. Its 5-minute “working memory” is a standout feature; if there is a time lapse between messages of more than 5 minutes, the bot’s memory is cleared, simulating the end of a conversation. This tool follows the adaptor design pattern by essentially acting as a conversational messenger adapter for GPT-3. You can access the bot’s source code on FlynnOwen’s GitHub repository.

Facebook Messenger offers AI-powered feedback collection and customer service for developers, technophiles, business professionals, researchers, students, brands, marketers, and casual users with keen interest in AI innovations. This platform caters to various audience needs, including those seeking quick answers, entertainment, and simple conversations.

>>> Please use: ChatGPT Free – Version from OpenAI



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