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AskBrian is a multipurpose digital assistant that is safe and made especially for consultants and other business people. It offers a wide range of services, including document translation into 100 languages, company profiles for millions of companies, document conversion to different formats, and transcription of audio and video recordings into Word. AskBrian, which is run by GPT-3, has a special “Ask Anything” feature that allows users to ask any question and get an answer within three minutes, around the clock. Through MS Teams and email, the responses are provided in a human-like manner. As Brian continues to acquire new skills, the tool places an emphasis on time and money savings. Additionally, AskBrian provides “Brian for Enterprise,” a line of specialised digital assistant solutions, to address the unique requirements of bigger organisations. AskBrian is a flexible and useful tool for professionals looking to increase efficiency and concentrate on high-value work thanks to the combination of these features.

AskBrian is designed for business professionals, offering functionalities like translating documents, providing company profiles, and converting file formats. It enhances efficiency in the business environment by enabling quick responses and decision-making. With customizable options for larger organizations, AskBrian is appealing for optimizing workflows and focusing on high-value tasks.

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