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In response to ChatGPT’s success, Google is moving quickly to advance its artificial intelligence initiatives. This year’s Google I/O event will see the introduction of more than 20 AI products as part of Google’s stepped-up AI strategy. Google’s “Apprentice Bard” is a strong rival to ChatGPT. Apprentice Bard differentiates itself by incorporating information on recent events, addressing a limitation in ChatGPT which primarily holds knowledge up to 2021. Apprentice Bard uses Google’s LaMDA conversation technology. This ability was shown when Apprentice Bard correctly answered questions about possible layoffs at Google, indicating that they were unlikely to occur this year due to the company’s sound financial position. These initiatives come after Google CEO Sundar Pichai increased the company’s emphasis on AI and tasked the LaMDA team with creating worthy ChatGPT rivals. This action demonstrates Google’s desire to establish a strong presence in the rapidly expanding conversational AI market.

Businesses, developers, content producers, researchers, academics, end users looking for information, companies looking to automate customer support, and tech enthusiasts looking for the newest AI technology can all benefit from Apprentice Bard. It provides real-time assistance, up-to-date insights on current affairs, and streamlines customer support procedures. The abilities of Apprentice Bard are likely to be useful to information-seeking users and tech enthusiasts.

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