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Perxeive is an AI-driven document creation tool that employs OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. By clicking right on search results and selecting or editing section headings, users can generate a document that meets their specific requirements. The artificial intelligence will then generate the entire document, including abstracts and citations. Perxeive is distinguished by its extensive sharing and exporting options. Users are able to send documents to apps such as Pages, Word, and OneNote, as well as collaboration platforms such as Slack and Teams. Sharing via social media is also supported, along with emailing and saving to a device. This versatility in document creation and distribution makes Perxeive a useful tool for anyone who needs to generate and distribute documents without difficulty.

Perxeive is designed for individuals who need to create and share documents on various topics with ease and efficiency. This tool could be particularly appealing to professionals, students, writers, researchers, or anyone who frequently works with documents.

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