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The JARVIS system from Microsoft is intended to link different AI models together to handle challenging tasks. The central controller of this collaborative platform is an LLM (similar to ChatGPT), and the executors are specialised models from the HuggingFace Hub. There are four steps in the procedure:

1. Task planning: ChatGPT deconstructs user intentions into doable tasks by interpreting user intentions.

2. Model Selection: ChatGPT selects the most appropriate expert models from Hugging Face based on the task requirements.

3. Task Execution: The chosen models are turned on to carry out their particular tasks.

4. ChatGPT uses the results from these models to create a well-rounded response.

 User objects:

  • AI researchers
  • Data scientists
  • Software developers
  • Business analysts
  • Product managers
  • Students studying AI/ML
  • Tech-savvy enterprises and startups.

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