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The core of contemporary generative AI, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4, are cutting-edge transformer models. PyTorch 2.0, an evolution of the widely-used open-source machine learning platform initiated by Meta, focuses on improving the training and deployment of these models. PyTorch 2.0, which was introduced to speed up the AI development process, has accelerated transformers and offers strong support for both training and inference. For the scaled dot product attention (SPDA) method, it uses a special kernel architecture.

User objects:

  • Machine learning researchers
  • AI developers and engineers
  • Academics in AI and ML fields
  • Data scientists
  • Tech companies focusing on AI solutions
  • AI enthusiasts and hobbyists


Francesco Chiaramonte

Francesco Chiaramonte is renowned for over 10 years of experience, from machine learning to AI entrepreneurship. He shares knowledge and is committed to advancing artificial intelligence, hoping that AI will drive societal progress.