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A backend solution made specifically for Language Learning Models (LLMs), Baseplate. It does away with the need to maintain separate databases for traditional data and vectors. Text, embeddings, images, and documents can all be stored in its hybrid database.

Its seamless integration with well-liked storage programmes like Google Drive and S3 is noteworthy. Users can gain from a smart search feature that provides multiple search modes and personalised embedding models. Additionally, the platform has an easy-to-use App Builder that enables no-code deployment using different LLMs. Through one-click bots, it offers simple platform integrations with Slack and Discord. Furthermore, Baseplate offers effective data management via a user-friendly interface or programmatically via APIs, whether it be for bulk vector updates or syncing with external tools. In essence, Baseplate streamlines the creation and administration of LLM applications.

Baseplate simplifies LLM application development and data management for various users, including developers, data scientists, business professionals, startups, academics, content managers, and IT managers. It caters to those who handle large, multimodal datasets, efficiently embed, index, and retrieve data, and deploy LLM-driven applications on platforms like Slack or Discord.

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