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The brain behind GitHub Co-pilot, OpenAI’s Codex, establishes itself as a ground-breaking “AI pair programmer. It’s helpful to look at how it’s used in practical situations in order to understand its capabilities. The creation of the famous game Pong is a good example.

Players control paddles in Pong, a 2D recreation of table tennis, moving them vertically to hit a ball. With points scored anytime a player fails to return the ball, the objective is to reach eleven points before the opposition. Codex’s challenge when charged with programming Pong is to create code from general descriptions like the one from Wikipedia. The main goal is to comprehend and value Codex’s potential for converting abstract specifications into usable code, especially for non-programmers.

User objects:

– Developers

– Non-experts wanting to code

– Educators in coding and computer science

– Students learning programming

– Game designers

– Startup founders

– Hobbyists in tech projects

>>> Please use: ChatGPT Free – Version from OpenAI


Francesco Chiaramonte

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