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The Kotaku post addressed the ongoing online complaint about the calibre of video game reviews, with many arguing that AI could do a better job. The author created a review using the GPT-2 model to verify this assertion.

The AI was adept at simulating experience and emotion, but it frequently delivered inaccurate information, occasionally confusing game names or developers. The result was obvious: AI is not yet capable of writing unbiased reviews of video games. Despite these drawbacks, AI-generated content has made significant progress. The huge amount of web content has raised expectations that AI may eventually be employed for press release content. But when it comes to reviews, nothing beats the human touch because only people can truly know what appeals to their fellow humans.

User objects:

– Game developers

– Journalists and writers

– Media outlets

– Content creators 

– Critics and reviewers 

– Researchers 

– Marketing and PR professionals 

– Enthusiasts experimenting with AI-generated content

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