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MusicGen is a music generation tool powered by Audiocraft, an advanced library tailored for audio processing and generation using deep learning techniques.

Audiocraft boasts the cutting-edge EnCodec audio compressor and tokenizer. In tandem with this, MusicGen offers users a straightforward yet adaptable music generation language model. This model is unique as it allows for both textual and melodic conditioning, providing users with the ability to influence the generated music according to specific instructions or melody inputs. In essence, MusicGen bridges deep learning capabilities with music creation, granting users control over the musical outputs.

User objects:

  1. Music producers
  2. Audio engineers
  3. Songwriters
  4. DJs
  5. Music enthusiasts
  6. Researchers in audio processing
  7. Music educators
  8. Content creators needing background music
  9. Indie game developers
  10. Multimedia artists.

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