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A tool called “ChatGPT PR code review” was created to allow ChatGPT to examine pull requests on GitHub. In GitHub, pull requests enable collaboration because changes can be discussed, approved, or modified before being merged.

The project is still under development, so its creator discourages using it in settings where products are produced. Making a VSCode extension that asks ChatGPT for help in refactoring code or highlighting bugs is one possible idea for this tool. Another idea is to directly apply commits or suggested changes from ChatGPT. Users should exercise caution, though, as the tool may generate false comments, possibly confusing contributors. There are other well-known restrictions, such as receiving 403 errors when the generated prompt is too long or if there are too many file changes, which have the effect of making ChatGPT perform poorly.

Usable object: 

  • Software Developers
  • Open-source Contributors
  • Technical Team Leads
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • GitHub Repository Administrators
  • Experimental Tool Enthusiasts

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