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A refined version of GPT-3 that can sum up books has been created by OpenAI, initially concentrating on fiction works with an average length of over 100,000 words, like “Alice in Wonderland.” This project is not original; AI-based summarization is a new research area.

Machine learning is used by businesses like Primer to summarise enormous quantities of multilingual documents. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are further tech heavyweights looking at AI summarization methods. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are reportedly developing tools to reduce news items for viewers while working on abstract paragraph summaries.

User objects:

  1. Readers seeking condensed versions of lengthy books.
  2. Students needing quick study material.
  3. Researchers sifting through extensive documents.
  4. News consumers wanting briefs.
  5. Professionals requiring summarized reports.
  6. Content creators needing quick insights from lengthy content.

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