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With only one click, the cutting-edge AI tool “Segment Anything” from Meta AI can precisely isolate or “cut out” any object in an image. It allows enhanced object mask construction from a variety of input prompts, such as points or boxes, and is known as the Segment Anything Model (SAM).

The massive dataset that SAM used for training, which included 11 million photos and 1.1 billion masks, is what gives it its extraordinary powers. SAM is a game-changer in the field of computer vision since it excels at diverse segmentation tasks with outstanding zero-shot capabilities. In addition, Meta AI is releasing the SA-1B dataset, which is 400 times bigger than any other segmentation dataset currently available and is unprecedented in size. This dataset’s goal is to advance computer vision research and pave the way for new applications.

User objects: Graphic designers, video editors, researchers in computer vision, app developers, content creators, and augmented reality developers.

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Image Segmentation