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In a novel film project called “Red Diaries Fellini Forward,” Campari has introduced “Red Diaries Fellini Forward,” which had its Venice Film Festival premiere, a feature at the New York Film Festival, and then an on-demand distribution in particular territories. The movie was produced with the aid of artificial intelligence, primarily GPT-2, and was influenced by the works of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini.

On the basis of OpenAI’s GPT-2, the innovative production company UNIT9 created a specialised tool for original script generation. The AI created a new script after studying all of Fellini’s scripts to understand his directing style, themes, and motifs. The project acknowledges the promise of artificial intelligence in the film industry, but it also raises concerns about the future of human involvement in the creative process, particularly in scriptwriting.

User objects: Film directors, producers, scriptwriters, film studios, innovation production studios, and creative professionals in the film industry.

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