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A GPT-3-powered AI writing assistance named “Magic Write” has been incorporated by Canva into its brand-new “Canva Docs” service. Canva Docs, a visually focused document production tool enhanced with multimedia components including videos, photos, and charts, is improved by this capability.

Magic Write assists in quickly producing information designed for visual presentations, such as meeting agendas and marketing plans. Users have the option of entering a brief to receive a customised template, reformatting material (such as turning paragraphs into bullet points), or having content paraphrased for clarity. Additionally, the AI can offer imaginative suggestions based on broad concepts or themes if users are unclear about their material. This integration exemplifies the expanding trend of businesses using OpenAI models, particularly in light of the recent price reduction for GPT-3.

User objects:

– Document designers

– Content creators

– Marketers

– Presentation makers

– Students

– Business professionals

– Graphic designers

– Meeting organizers

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