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A cutting-edge system called InventorBot was created to produce original invention concepts in a variety of industries. The system uses open-source initiatives to train a neural network (NN) and derives its intelligence from the massive US Patent Database in order to generate original innovation thoughts.

InventorBot may generate original, potentially ground-breaking ideas by examining patent filings. A high-level schematic gives users a thorough overview of the system, which is followed by a thorough explanation of each component and a display of some outstanding outcomes. InventorBot is essentially an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered link between earlier inventions and their potential futures.

User objects: Inventors, researchers, product developers, and innovation teams.

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Francesco Chiaramonte

Francesco Chiaramonte is renowned for over 10 years of experience, from machine learning to AI entrepreneurship. He shares knowledge and is committed to advancing artificial intelligence, hoping that AI will drive societal progress.

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