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Naver Corp., a leading South Korean company, introduced “HyperCLOVA,” a top-tier Korean-focused language model with human-like language ability. Its over 204 billion parameters surpass GPT-3’s 175 billion, enabling a more nuanced understanding of speech, tones, and dialects.

The majority of AI models are English-based, but HyperCLOVA is Korean. It has trained 6,500 times more Korean data than GPT-3, 97% of which is Korean. HyperCLOVA can power AI systems for conversation processing, translation, content generation, summarization, and machine reading, opening new services and businesses. Naver wants it to become a multimodal AI that can understand videos and images.

User objects: 

– AI developers and researchers

– Korean language educators and learners

– Content creators and writers

– Businesses seeking automated customer support in Korean

– Translation service providers

– Korean media and news agencies

– Marketing professionals targeting the Korean market

– Tech companies developing language-based applications for the Korean audience

– Data analysts working with Korean datasets.

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