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A free application included in Google Sheets called the GPT3 Colour Palette Generator uses GPT-3 AI to generate colour palettes from textual inputs. The script transforms any English words or themes, such as “Arctic winter” or “Star Wars,” into a comparable colour palette, showing the colours and their hexadecimal codes. The tool uses colour as a language interpretation of the prompt, which is novel. The palettes generated, it should be noted, are complimentary, suggesting that a single-colour suggestion like “shades of blue” would result in a wider range of hues. Different palettes can be produced by different responses to the same prompt.

User objects:

– Graphic designers

– Web developers

– Artists

– Interior decorators

– Brand strategists

– Event planners

– Film and video producers

– Marketing professionals

– Fashion designers

– DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists

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