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An AI-powered Excel and Google Sheets plugin called Excel Formula Bot allows users to convert text instructions into formulas and vice versa. The programme boasts a 97% accuracy rate with the help of GPT-3 AI technology, offers language support, and is even backwards compatible with earlier Excel versions.

It functions as a web-based dashboard as well as an add-in. Users are entitled to five free queries each month; any more requests require a subscription. A formula generator, a simple task generator for non-formula instructions, and a VBA code generator that helps programmers automate repetitive activities are all aspects of the bot. The utility can also be purchased as an add-on for smooth spreadsheet interaction.

User objects:

– Excel and Google Sheets users

– Financial analysts

– Data scientists

– Students

– Office administrators

– Spreadsheet enthusiasts

– Programmers using VBA 

– Business analysts

– Accountants

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