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Visual Studio Code Extension DeepGenX generates code using AI. It’s trained on Tensorflow, Pytorch, Pandas, Django, and Flask for Python. The 6 billion parameter transformer GPT-J model was refined with open-source Python code. It generates code with input instructions, making it useful for Python developers. Future plans include more programming languages.

User objects:

  • Python developers
  • AI/ML practitioners
  • Web developers using Django or Flask
  • Game developers using PyGame
  • Data scientists using Pandas or NumPy
  • Visual Studio Code users
  • Open-source contributors
  • Students learning Python or its libraries

>>> Please use: ChatGPT Free – Version from OpenAI


Francesco Chiaramonte

Francesco Chiaramonte is renowned for over 10 years of experience, from machine learning to AI entrepreneurship. He shares knowledge and is committed to advancing artificial intelligence, hoping that AI will drive societal progress.

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