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A health tech company called Curai uses GPT-3 to generate training data for medical summarization in an effort to increase the precision and applicability of medical information. Their study demonstrates a novel GPT-3-based algorithm that synthesises training data centred on medically relevant information. 210 human-annotated instances can produce results equivalent to 6,400 human-marked samples using this technology, a 30-fold efficiency. Tests have shown that when AI-generated data is merged with human-labelled data, the resulting summaries produce medically precise and well-written summaries that are superior to those produced exclusively from human data. In addition to doing research, Curai runs a virtual primary care clinic and employs AI and machine learning to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their healthcare delivery.

User objects:

– Healthcare professionals

– Medical researchers

– Medical students 

– Health tech developers 

– Virtual primary care providers 

– Medical data analysts



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