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An AI-driven advertising platform that focuses on contextual computer vision is called LensAI. It provides the capacity to integrate advertisements into items seen in films and pictures. L

ensAI does this by transforming visual information into “shoppable moments,” enabling viewers to engage with and even buy what they see right away. By seamlessly integrating content and commerce, this novel technique improves the user experience and may increase ad effectiveness. The use of GPT-3 in LensAI’s operations is not something to be overlooked.

User objects:

– Advertisers

– Marketers

– E-commerce businesses

– Content creators

– Video producers

– Digital agencies

– Brand managers

– Retailers

– Social media influencers

– Media companies.



Francesco Chiaramonte

Francesco Chiaramonte is renowned for over 10 years of experience, from machine learning to AI entrepreneurship. He shares knowledge and is committed to advancing artificial intelligence, hoping that AI will drive societal progress.

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Computer Vision


Computer Vision