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The “Jerome Powell Bot” is a GPT-3 simulation of Jerome Powell, designed by Jason Rohrer, a multidimensional creator. This artificial intelligence system, known as Project December, employs the GPT-3 model by OpenAI, which is renowned for its ability to produce extremely human-like text, having been trained on extensive sources such as books, Wikipedia, and vast amounts of internet content. Users should be aware, however, that this AI’s training data only extends to 2019, leaving it ignorant of events and specifications after that year, such as information about Covid-19 or subsequent Fed actions. Except for minor typographical and punctuation errors, the transcript of the bot’s interview has been largely preserved in its original state. This information was obtained from Institutional Investor.

Jerome Powell’s simulated conversations are useful for financial analysts, economists, journalists, media professionals, educators, investors, investors, tech enthusiasts, and the general public seeking a simulated conversation with a financial leader.

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