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The free chatbot known as GPT-3 Grandmother,   is special and made specifically for learning Chinese. It is powered by GPT-3 and provides English translations, making it accessible to people who don’t speak Chinese. It offers an immersive language learning experience. Users may occasionally run into problems with the bot’s responsiveness, necessitating a page refresh or accessing the site through a different tab, despite its novel approach. It’s interesting to note that the dynamic nature of GPT-3 Grandmother allows it to produce different outputs for the same inputs. To produce outputs that are contextually relevant, the bot considers previous conversational exchanges in a conversation. It may occasionally be possible to prompt “Respond in English only” for those who prefer to communicate in that language. It’s important to keep in mind that the site’s settings may favour creativity at the expense of factual accuracy.    

The chatbot helps language learners improve conversational abilities, vocabulary, and sentence structures in Chinese. It’s suitable for beginners, teachers, polyglots, tech enthusiasts, and travelers. The English translations provide immediate feedback, making it an essential resource for language practice and language proficiency.

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