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Azure OpenAI Service is Microsoft’s most recent advancement in expanding access to cutting-edge AI models. Microsoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, has made Azure OpenAI Service available to businesses, recognising the potential of large language models to revolutionise various domains.

This platform provides access to some of the most sophisticated AI models in the world, including GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL•E 2, all within the robust and secure Microsoft Azure framework. This not only caters to businesses seeking cutting-edge AI technology, but also ensures enterprise-grade reliability. ChatGPT, a specialised version of GPT-3.5, will be added to the service in the near future, expanding its capabilities. Microsoft’s goal is essentially to democratise AI, allowing a broader range of businesses to leverage these advanced tools and develop innovative AI-driven applications, all while benefiting from Azure’s trusted infrastructure.

Azure OpenAI Service offers enterprise-grade reliability for businesses, developers, engineers, innovators, startups, and educators to integrate advanced AI models into their services or products. It provides access to sophisticated models without requiring AI training expertise, enabling rapid development and deployment. Startups can leverage AI without infrastructure overhead, while educators and students can gain hands-on experience with the latest AI models in academic settings.

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